Property Pictures and Virtual Tours

Nothing frustrates a buyer more than viewing property pictures online and upon visiting the home, realizing that the pictures don't convey the true value of the home.  8 Shades of Blue can help.


First, we'll send the agent and the seller a video / photo prep sheet to make sure your home will look its best. This is the most important part of staging your home for the tour.

Now you have a choice:

Option 1:  

8 Shades of Blue will film a high definition virtual tour of your property complete with graphics, narration and background music.  This isn't a series of pictures linked together, this is a full motion video tour shot with a stabilizer ready for upload to the major real estate and social media sites.

Additionally, we will provide you with approximately 25 photos of the home.  But here's the best news: because we understand the need to get property information up quickly, we guarantee to  have your pictures back within 24 hours and the video within 48 hours.  

Pricing for a complete video virtual tour and photo set is $250.

Option 2:

Sometimes you don't need a video, and we understand that, so we also offer a picture-only package for $200.  This includes approximately 25 photos of the home and the guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.